Featured Nonfiction: The Transit of Venus by Rebecca Gummere

Editor’s note: Rebecca Gummere’s gorgeous essay, “The Transit of Venus” was selected by Rebecca Makkai as the runner-up in New South’s 2015 Writing Contest. Here, Rebecca shares how her essay took shape and what she’s been working on since.  Rebecca Gummere: The essay is about the gradual decline and death of my mother, but it’s also about the transitory…

Featured Poetry: “Aubade” by Brandi George

Aubade You blacked out the night, forgot how we jumped off cliffs into Lake Superior, the October water filling  our mouths until we felt the gods get drunk inside us. I long for you, the sun you turn toward me and away from me at will. You’re something I   evaporate into, the way the…

Issue: Adventure 8.2

“I don’t want milk and cookies; I want a spiritual experience.” – Vincent Poturica, “Paradise”

Themed Issue: [Redacted]

The theme for New South 8.2 will be “Select One’s Own Escapade.” The original theme was “XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX,” but we received a very kindly worded cease and desist letter asking us to cut that out.