Lush (Summer 2020)

Amazing Machine The Body by Ed Falco (Poetry)

Exclamation and Like Wild by Chrissy Martin (Poetry)

Leave No Trace by Jonathan Green (Prose)

Eucalyptus Paycheck and Star Wars Is For Me by Sadie Dupuis (Poetry)

Diagenesis and A Mosasaur Hums Softly In Her Sleep by CJ Scruton (Poetry)

Grandma’s Tree House In The Sky by Tom Kelly (Prose)

In Another Life I Am Sitting In The Sun by Micaela Walley (Poetry)

From Sleep To Sleep and ± by Mathew Weitman (Poetry)

Contributors’ Notes



Hunger (Winter 2018)

Swedish Rye Bread by Erica Trabold (Hybrid)

Translating Grandfather’s Hunger by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach (Poetry)

We Defy Adaptation by Alexander Scalfano (Poetry)

The Vegan by Sionnain Buckley (Fiction)

Through the Butcher’s Window by Chloe Stricklin (Poetry)

The Sandwich Artist by Jami Kimbrell (Fiction)

Medea Ate by Caroline Kireopoulos (Poetry)

The Origins of Hunger by Michaella Thornton (Creative Nonfiction)

A Bed of White Flowers by Karen Holmberg (Poetry)

Corn by Amanda Chiado (Poetry)

Eggs are Eggs by John Maloney (Fiction)

The Garden by H.R. Webster (Poetry)

2 Corinthians 5: 1-10 by Liam O’Brien (Poetry)

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