Current Issue

Issue 14.2




Kate Finegan, “Lemon Cap”

Mike Nees, “The Secret”

Will VanDenBerg, “Periodical Cicadas, Belpre, OH, 2015”


Lena Crown, “On Coming Back As Spanish Moss”

Beth Gilstrap, “A Lament, April 25th”

Stephanie Meade Gresham, “Your Own Personal Jesus”

Abby Hagler, “To fill the spaces where my body’s been”

Sonja Livingston, “The Angels’ Share”


Sean Cho A., “Act Three Sonnet #41,” “Vision Board Sequence #2,” “Vision Board Sequence #3”

Emma Aylor, “Half A Length Of A Girl Reading”

Lisa Ampleman, “Public Intimacies,” “Filling In The Pond”

Sarah Brockhaus, “Container Gardening”

Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale, “Like A Fist Next To Your Heart”

Aidan Forster, “Stoney End,” “Mink Portrait As Prophylactic Wonder”

Adam J. Gellings, “Painted Post”

Jana-Lee Germaine, “Difficult To Write A Love Poem”

Alyssa Jewell, “Meet Me In The Mind’s Eye”

Kamal E. Kimball, “Annihilation Drive”

Parker Logan, “An Apology For The Hole I Put In Your Wall Last Night”

Pamela Manasco, “Clouds, July,” “1992,” “Great Black Wasps”

Arien Reed, “A Trans Man’s Guide To Finding A Partner”

Phoebe Reeves, “Caliber,” “Differential”

Ben Seanor, “Years In Hell”

Indrani Sengupta, “the Woman”

Nathaniel Youmans, “How To Be Gentle”

2021 Contest Winners

Kameron Bashi, “Friendship & Purgatory”

Mathew Gellman, “Brother, In August, With Hesitation”

Zach Goldberg, “Ninth Plague”

Jacob Griffin Hall, “The Verdict”

PS Zhang, “Anosognosia”

Cover Art

Anna Sandy-Elrod

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