Current Issue

Issue 12.2

Fall/Winter 2019


James Figy, “this is Not a command: A text adventure”

Michelle Ross, “Life Cycle Of An Ungrateful Daughter”

Kim Magowan “Serious”

Christine McSwain, “The Daddy, The Daughter, And The Holy Spirit”

Lilly Schneider, “She Was Crossing The Road And A FedEx Truck Hit Her, As If It’s Any Business Of Yours”


Thomas Dai, “What The River Gave Me”

Timothy Fitts, “Transmission,” “Zero”

Michelle Menting, “On Kicking My Sister In The Stomach”

Oliver Baez Bendorf, “What I Know About Syzygy, ” “What I Know About Mulattos and Metamours”

Ashely Adams & Jacqueline Boucher, “Selected Lessons From The Gleyed And Anaerobic”


Isabelle Shepherd, “Lightheaded In The Back Of A Moving Vehicle”

Victoria C. Flanagan, “Field Guide To Belonging,” “Prayer For The Self On I-24 W”

Horatio H, “Stillborn Astrologist”

TR Brady, “Phantom Gender”

Stephanie Bryant Anderson, “My Body: Brooding For Closeness”

Kristene Kaye Brown, “Day After Chemotherapy: The Trains Come And The Trains Go”

Jeanette Beebe, “We Didn’t Pay Enough Attention Taking It Apart To Understand How To Put It Back Together”

Christopher Warner, “Museum,” “Exile”

Dylan Krieger, “grown-ass babies”

Carolyn Guinzio, “Fauna”

Nicole Stockburger, “Pitta As Ancestry”

Michael Homolka, “On Inheritance”

Wren Hanks, “from Transiversary,” “from Transiversary”

Elizabeth Onusko, “The Growing Point,” “After The Fact”

Cover Art And Feature

Charlie Watts

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