Current Issue

Issue 13.1

Spring/Summer 2020


Timothy DeLizza, “I Cannot Help You With This”

Zoa Coudret, “Red Lips”

Rachel Peters, “The Whole Point”

Jennifer Cie, “Red South”


Rachel A. Crawford, “Just In Case You Ever Have To Visit Your Sister In Prison”

James Lowell Brunton, “What Happened To You (1),” “What Happened To You (2)”

Sean Ironman, “Death Is Only The Beginning”

Jessica Kinnison, “I Ain’t Whistling Dixie”

Sue Allison, “Rapture”


Suphil Park, “A Nesting Mood Of Disorientation”

Erin Slaughter, “How We Reckon”

Lindsay Lusby, “Girl As Pantone Matching System”

Aldo Amparán, “God Haunts Me With A Distant Shimmer”

Gnaomi Siemens, “Took Girl”

Dorsey Craft, “The Pirate Anne Bonny Says Her Prayers”

Jasmine Dreame Wagner, “Performative Canvas,” “A Parliament Of Leisures”

Carrie Murphy, “American Motherhood Is Trash,” “Damp Star”

Jess Greene, “Mexico City”

Brendan Sherry, “St. Joseph”

D. R. Shipp, “Break,” Heigh Ho”

Daniel Beauregard, “Poorly Dictated”

Cover Art And Feature

Anna Catherine Brown


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