Current Issue

Issue 14.1

Fall/Winter 2021

new south - cover-Final


Casey Bell, “Devil’s Pool”

Andrea Gregory, “Stuck With What We’ve Got”

Lucinda Kempe, “Butch”

Rebecca Lanning, “Unspooling”

Joseph Rakowski, “Crab Music”


Heather Diamond, “Salt”

Wendy Gaudin, “Taxonomy”


Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, “Against the Season,” “Columbarium”

Joshua Garcia, “Epistle,” “Someday I’ll Love Joshua Garcia”

Henry Goldkamp, “soubrette to be sung in rounds”

Christen Noel Kauffman, “Testimony Where No One is Saved”

Alyse Knorr, “In the Middle of the Pandemic I Keep Typing Powerflu When I Mean to Type Powerful

Sarah Lilius, “The Pope Sits Down to Dinner”

Zach Linge, “Give Me a Hole,” “Oh How We Touch Each Others’ Lips,” “Sonnet Stitch”

John A. Nieves, “Bottom Center Pane,” “On Haunting”

Sebastián Hasana Páramo, “Dear Father”

Youssef Mohamed, “Ghost of a Horse Under the Chandelier”

Whitney Rio-Ross, “Diagnosis Barbie”

Dennison Ty Schultz, “In Every Creation Myth the Body Breaks,” “On the Possibility of Medical Transition,” “Watercolor Sketch, with Shame and Longing”

Jacob Sheetz-Willard, “America the Beautiful,” “America the Beautiful II”

Kelly Grace Thomas, “If a Wolf is Kicked Out of a Pack it Rarely Howls Again”

Kathleen Tyron, “A Big Bang,” “Sex Delivers Her Eulogy”

Matthew Tuckner, “Letter to My Body #46”

Theodora Ziolkowski, “I Wander Marie Antoinette’s Gardens”, “It Was on a Balcony Over the Mediterranean that I Found Myself Slurping the Bodies”

Cover Art And Feature

Abbie Argo (@sedangogh)

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