2020 New South Writing Contest

2020 Contest Winners + Finalists


1st Place: Despy Boutris, “California Drought”
2nd Place: Amie Whittemore, “Another Midlife Morning”
3rd Place: Michael Mlekoday, “Quantum Sister Never The Last”
Finalists: Imani Cezanne, Katherine Gaffney,  torrin greathouse, Patrick Errington, A. D. Lauren-Abunassar, Elizabeth Sochko, Felicia Zamora.


1st Place: Temima Fruchter, “How To Stop Time On A Budget”
2nd Place: Gabriella Souza, “To You I Come, Before You I Stand”
3rd Place: Megan (Schikora) Catana, “An Unlikely Trio In The Animal Kingdom”
Finalists: Marguerite Alley, Kate Finegan, Mariah Gese, M. M. Kaufman, Kaila Lancaster,  Justin Mundhenk, Amy Parker.

The winning pieces will be published in New South’s fall issue, set for an October 2020 release.

Contest Guidelines:

The 2020 New South Writing Contest will be be judged by Kristen Arnett in prose and Paige Lewis in poetry. The contest is now closed.

New South’s contest is open to writers who have not yet published more than one book of prose or poetry (chapbooks are fine). The contest awards $1,000 to one winner in poetry and one winner in prose, and a $250 runner’s up prize in each category.

Your $18 entry fee includes a one-year subscription to New South. You may submit electronically via Submittable ONLY. Please take care that you are submitting under the contest category; regular submissions received during the contest period WILL NOT be entered into the contest. All paper mailed entries will be destroyed.

The deadline for contest submissions is April 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. (Submittable submissions will close automatically). Each entry must include: 1) A reading fee of eighteen dollars ($18). Entry fee includes a one year subscription to the journal! 2) The submitter’s contact info, including a mailing address for your subscription. (Do not include any identifying information in the manuscript).

Each prose submission may contain one (1) short story or non-fiction piece of up to 7,500 words per $18 entry fee. Each poetry submission may contain up to three (3) poems per $18 entry fee. Entrants are welcome to submit more than once, but must pay a separate entry fee each time.

No GSU staff, students, or University system of Georgia staff or students are eligible for the prize. Any alumni who enter the contest must be five (5) years or more removed from attending GSU. Additionally, no relatives of the New South team or the judges are eligible. 

We look forward to reading and supporting your work.


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