Micro Prose: Paint by Colin Williams

He’s done the final wall, the highest one, in OPB. The soft sable of the brush he uses gleams brown above the paint’s surface like his wife’s hair above the bathwater. She’ll be discharged from the hospital soon, they’ve told him, maybe as soon as next week

What’s Going on at New South?

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that things at New South have not been running smoothly for a while. Due to several issues, including institutional defunding, the journal has been on a long hiatus. However, I'm happy to report that New South (and the long-awaited Issue 14.2) will return with the new year. Until then,... Continue Reading →

An Update from New South

Hello, readers, contributors, and friends of New South, You may have noticed that we've been particularly quiet in these last few months. While we've been working hard behind the scenes on issue 14.2, we've also been dealing with some financial challenges that have arisen due to some changes to the funding structure of student media... Continue Reading →

Review | Anne Champion’s The Good Girl Is Always A Ghost

by Anna Sandy-Elrod Anne Champion’s The Good Girl is Always a Ghost inhabits, identifies, praises, and laments the multifaceted, complex nature of womanhood. Champion writes odes to women—Sandra Bland, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holliday—and poems in their personas—Indira Ghandi, Bettie Page, Eva Perón—in a way that devastates, humbles, and breathes life into women across history, across... Continue Reading →

Review | Jehanne Dubrow’s Dots & Dashes

by Cecilia Savala In Dots & Dashes, Winner of the 2016 Crab Orchard Review Series in Poetry Open Competition Award, Jehanne Dubrow speaks to other military families in the voice of academia and to academics in the voice of a Navy wife. Her poems, written in strict form like military rules, mirror the posture of... Continue Reading →

nonsermon #8: my soul

by Ben Lewellyn-Taylor A few months ago, I bought some flowers for my wife. She likes Queen Anne’s Lace, Anne being her grandmother’s name and their shared favorite flower, but the florist had none, so I settled for a mixture of orange and white flowers, the names of which I have since forgotten. In the... Continue Reading →

nonsermon #7: my church

by Ben Lewellyn-Taylor It’s true what they say, though acknowledging this doesn’t make it easier to accept: sometimes you can’t go home. I was exiting a toxic relationship, searching for a place within my friendships, and for the first time in my life wondering who I was, worrying it wasn’t who I believed myself to... Continue Reading →

nonsermon #6: my ghosts

by Ben Lewellyn-Taylor I’ve long been drawn to the idea of ghosts. At first, I was fascinated by the ghost as symbol: what it means to have something hanging over your head or within your psyche. How you are haunted by what you do and don’t do, by what happens to you. Something from our... Continue Reading →

nonsermon #5: my prayers

by Ben Lewellyn-Taylor I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer: what it does, how different people practice it, if it works. Mostly, I’d like to know why it worked for me for so many years, then it didn’t. I cannot place the moment it happened, but over time, when I bowed my head to pray,... Continue Reading →

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