Issue: 9.1

Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Art.

Featured Poetry: “Aubade” by Brandi George

Aubade You blacked out the night, forgot how we jumped off cliffs into Lake Superior, the October water filling  our mouths until we felt the gods get drunk inside us. I long for you, the sun you turn toward me and away from me at will. You’re something I   evaporate into, the way the…

The 2016 New South Writing Contest

The judges for the 2016 New South Writing Contest will be Anya Silver (poetry) and Matthew Salesses (prose). The contest will open for submissions in January 2016. First place winners in each category will be awarded $1,000 prizes; second place winners, $250 prizes; and third place winners, a three-year subscription to New South. And, as always, all pieces…

Issue: Adventure 8.2

“I don’t want milk and cookies; I want a spiritual experience.” – Vincent Poturica, “Paradise”

From the Archive: “Leavings” by Anya Silver

Editor’s note: Anya Silver’s poem “Leavings” appeared in Issue 6.2 (2013) of New South. It’s a poem that beautifully captures the shades and movements of fall. The voice is soft but certain, and the images linger. Over email, Anya shared how this poem took shape, and what she’s been working on recently.