Micro Prose: Reptilian by Tyler Gillespie


Reptilians either evolved on Earth & left when they mastered intergalactic space travel or they’re from a planet in the Draco constellation & flew here to imprison all humans. 

I learned this on YouTube: fell into a video hole of people dissecting movie stills in which Reptilians give glimpses of their true form like Keanu Reeves did a few times in The Matrix. It’s all very scientific. Example: in one scene Keanu’s hand looks webbed & the YouTuber pointed this out as proof of his real scaly reptile body masquerading as a humanoid. 

& not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I know what you might think. 

You might think I’m using Reptilians as a metaphor for addiction because our own reptilian brain – basal ganglia & brainstem – connects our past to birds: it’s one of the most ancient parts of our bodies. Keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing even in a blackout. This brain let me time travel through space from the night’s party to a different party & back again while you waited for me to come home. 

& to think: that is my true nature. I’ve been an addict for a million years! It’s all stardust, baby. 

Oh! But who am I kidding? That’s the Reptilian talking. He wants to regain control of this body, this planet. So, I give glimpses of my webbed hands to remind myself: there are scales under my skin, waiting for me to forget how I got here.

Tyler Gillespie ColorTyler Gillespie is an award-winning journalist and poet. He’s the author of Florida Man: Poems (Red Flag Poetry, 2018) and the forthcoming nonfiction collection Florida Men & Monsters: My Search for Pythons, Pioneers, and the Truth about Paradise (University Press of Florida). He teaches writing at the University of Mississippi, and you can find him at TylerMTG.com or on Twitter @TylerMTG.


Cover Photo by Tim Snell (Flickr)

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