Micro Prose: Tuesday in the Park by Debra Di Blasi

Tuesday in the Park

The child lagging behind picks up swan shit and drops it into a plastic baggie of Cheerios. The clock tower stopped at 9:37 a year ago. The teacher runs into a man she once loved but now can’t believe it. The fig tree is leafless except for two leaves, so it’s not leafless. The fountain is dry and the boy sails his toy yacht anyway. Just along here a fragrance of tadpoles rises. The park worker’s done picking up litter and sits on a bench in the shade watching branches shudder overhead and grinning. You never want to leave, do you.


Debra Di Blasi photoDebra Di Blasi is an award-winning author of six books, including, Drought & Say What You Like (New Directions), Prayers of An Accidental Nature (Coffee House), and The Jiri Chronicles & Other Fictions (FC2/University of Alabama Press). Among her awards are a James C. McCormick Fiction Fellowship, Thorpe Menn Book Award, &NOW Award, and Diagram Innovative Fiction Award. Her writing has appeared in The Iowa Review, Notre Dame Review, Pleiades, Chelsea, Boulevard, New Letters, New Delta Review, Drunken Boat, among others, and in anthologies of innovative writing. She is a former publisher, educator, and art columnist. More at http://www.debradiblasi.com.


Cover Photo by Philippe Lauret

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