Current Issue: 11.1


Tisa, “Roadkill”

Tim Raymond, “Chance”

Rebecca Turkewitz, “The Attic”

Melissa Ostrom, “Strategies For Elegy”

James Jordan, “Starland, Washington” & “The Man Who Played With Satchmo”

Brooke Mckinney, “Baptism”

Stephanie Trott, “Lay Me Down”

Curtis Dickerson, “Salty”


Elizabeth Kalman, “Glamour, Guns, And The Sweet Green Grass: Springtime In Charleston”

Tessa Mellas, “Ohio”

Crystal Theresa Z. Ejanda, “A Glossary Of Things I Didn’t Know (Until Pregnancy, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, And Infertility)”


Gale Marie Thompson, “from Helen Or My Hunger”

Ashley Jones, “//Side A: 3rd Grade Birthday Party” & “//Side B: Roebuck Is The Ghetto”

Gina Keicher, “from Occasional Chainsaws In The Valley Of Eternal Sorry”

Kayleb Candrilli, “Trans Boy Uses The Public Restroom Again”

Lizzy Petersen, “Mike Disfarmer I” & “Photographer’s Studio, CA. 1922-1950″

Hannah Gamble, “Men And Women In Movies” & “If You Are Crying On A Train Look Around You”

Jane Huffman, “Failed Pastoral”

Molly Brodak, “The Babies”

Sara Krassin, “The Interviews (I)” & “The Interviews (5)”

Katie Jean Shinkle, “You Come At The Queen”

Kenny Williams, “Iphigenia’s Maid”

Emily Corwin, “Outburst As Rosemary Woodhouse”

Cover Art And Feature

Hannah Pearman, “As Above, So Below”

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