Current Issue: 12.2

Fall/Winter 2019


Kim Magowan, “Serious”

Christine McSwain, “The Daddy, the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit”

James Figy, “this is Not a command: A text adventure game”

Michelle Ross, “Life Cycle of an Ungrateful Daughter”

Lilly Schneider, “She Was Crossing the Road and a Fedex Truck Hit Her as if It’s Any Business of Yours”


Dylan Krieger, “Grown Ass Babies”

Nicole Stockburger, “Pitta As Ancestry”

Elizabeth Onusko, “The Growing Point” & “After the Fact”

Michael Homolka, “On Inheritance”

Horatio H, “Stillborn Astrologist”

Wren Hanks, from Transiversary {The further I get from being a woman I’m still not safe.} & (The further I get from being a woman I telegraph pretty like the veins of a cock}

Kristene Kaye Brown, “Day After Chemotherapy: The Trains Come and The Trains Go”

TR Brady, “Phantom Gender”

Victoria C. Flanagan, “Field Guide to Belonging” & “Prayer for the Self on I-24 W”

Isabelle Shepherd, “Lightheaded in the Back of a Moving Vehicle”

Christopher Warner, “Museum” & “Exile”

Jeanette Beebe, “We Didn’t Pay Enough Attention Taking It Apart to Understand How to Put It Back Together”

Stephanie Bryant Anderson, “My Body: Brooding for Closeness”

Carolyn Guinzio, “Fauna”

Creative Non-Fiction

Timothy Fitts, “Transmission” & “Zero”

Thomas Dai, “What the River Gave Me”

Oliver Baez Bendorf, “What I Know About Syzygy” & “What I Know About Mulattos and Metamours”

Michelle Menting, “On Kicking My Sister in the Stomach”

Ashely Adams & Jacqueline Boucher, “Selected Lessons from the Gleyed and Anaerobic”

Contest Winners

Prose 3rd Place: Brian Crawford, “Sharp”
Poetry 3rd Place: April Goldman-Sims, “[the furrows]”

Prose 2nd Place: Lauren Green, “Runaways”
Poetry 2nd Place: Alisha Dietzman, “Love Poem By The Light Of Something Obvious”

Prose 1st Place: Heather de Bel,“Junkyard in Passaic County”
Poetry 1st Place: Stacey Balkun, “Bloodline”

Cover Art and Feature

Charlie Watts, Honey and Tar Series

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  1. mtorbat says:

    Reblogged this on MT POET.

  2. wondering... says:

    When will you announce winners for 2017 contests?

    1. The second we get the prose results in!

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