Current Issue: 10.1


An Tran, “Meditations on a Mother Tongue”

Janet Towle, “Chiriaco Summit”; “Waxing”; “Spectacle”; “The Sonoran Semi-Arid”

Cady Vishniac, “August-itis”; “Clemency”

Molia Dumbleton, “Wingspan”; “True Story”

Kami Westhoff, “Runaway Boy”


Brenna Womer, “Empire Blue”

Vivian Lee, “The Flatlands”

Caroline Tracey, “Love at the End of the Tule Fog”


John Sibley Williams, “Wingcut”

Chelsea Dingman, “As the Light Changes”

Alyse Bensel, “Thumb”

Ondrej Pazdirek, “Svodnice (Goddess of Spring)”; “Klekanice (Dusk Wraith)”; “Sylfy (The Four Winds)”

Tyler McAndrew, “Wildlife”

John McCarthy, “Self Portrait as Psychiatric Ward”

Ruth Baumann, “That Kind of History”

Lisa Hiton, “Historic Stair”

Chloe Clark, “This Has All Happened Before”

Jennie Malboeuf, “Hubris”

Alison Hicks, “The Daughter & Her Lover”

Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, “Hagar”

Wulf Losee, “Stepchildren”

Jennifer Loyd, “Sunday Light Filters”; “The Fall”

Daniel Moore, “Psalmania”

Christopher Davis, “Steve”

Clay Cantrell, “Wasps Cover My Slice of Pie”

Sarah Fawn Montgomery, “How to Make Lye Soap”

Cover Art and Feature

Max Kauffman

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