Current Issue: 10.2


Adam Gnuse, “A Requiem”

Stacy Brewster, “Paper Cuts” & “Hold It In”

Kristen Arnett, “Stitchdown, Turnout”

Alina Stefanescu, “In Your Truck, A Memory” & “The Fetus Who Yearned To Be A Puppy” & “The Idea”

Tim Jones-Yelvington, “We Are Going To Wilmington, North Carolina!”


Rachel Litchman, “Reflections On Trauma Over An X-Axis”

Brandel France De Bravo, “The White Plague”


Corrie White, “Getting Clean”

George Kovalenko, “Anno Domini”

James Kimbrell, “The Beatles Come To Mississippi: Revolution 9”

Anne Champion, “When They Come For The Girls Today” & “Am I A Saint?”

Molly McCombs, “Siren Song”

Sara Ryan, “Knives Before Forks”

Anastasia Stelse, “Southern Prohibition Brewery Tour”

Maggie Woodward, “Fortune Telling” & “Honey Honey”

Meg Wade, “I Blame The Woods And Keep The Body”

Nathan Blansett, “Rodarte Sisters”

Christina Clark, “For A While, It Was A Ball” & “Sleeping Beauty Wakes–Harlingen, Texas” & “Intensive Care Unit”

Catherine Kyle, “Ode To A Parallel Universe In Which The Uterus Speaks”

2017 Contest Winners

3rd Place Poetry, Jack Caithness, “Edging Into It”

3rd Place Prose, Sarah-Jane De Brito Martin, “Home”

2nd Place Poetry, Jessica Hudgins, “Breakfast Poem”

2nd Place Prose, Justine Dymond, “Brave Of Worms”

1st Place Poetry, Mitchell King, “How To Be A Cowboy”

1st Place Prose, Kailee Pedersen, “Music In Similar Motion”

Cover Art And Feature

Sophia Sabsowitz

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