Current Issue: 11.2


Tom Treanor, “Canis Latrans”

Megan Baxter, “Muse”

Sarah Mollie Silberman, “Yes Definitely”

Eleanor Mae, “Hannah’s Bones

Zachary F. Gerberick, “Borne”


Brandi George, “A Kind Of Mercy”

Stephen D. Gutierrez, “Ohio”

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, “My Father’s Refrigerator”


Jason Myers, “Oral History, Vol. 99”

Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, “From The Cabinet Of Unconsciousness (Swarm)”

Jacqueline Winter Thomas, “Agoraphobia”

Jessica Morey-Collins, “Abecederian For Self-Care And Wellness”

Danielle Pafunda, “When The Earth Begins Dying Faster Than I Could…”

Lillian Yvonne Bertram, “Incident”

David Greenspan, “I Don’t Like To Sing About Boxing But I Hope You’ll Understand”

Paige Menton, “Stitch”

Kailey Tedesco, “Satania”

Contest Winners

J. Bailey Hutchinson, “Carne E Spirito”

Toni Judnitch, “Dogs”

Nicholas Goodly, “Siren”

Aliceanna Stopher, “Run”

Reyna Clancy, “There Is Shadow Under This Red Rock*”

J.H. Bond, “Local Youth Find Expression in Paint The Rock Ritual: Sign In To Comment”

Cover Art And Feature


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