Issue: 9.2


Jac Jemc, “Don’t Let’s”

Ross Feeler, “Hush”

Lindsey Drager, “Chronometry”

Aubrey Hirsch, “Kidnapped”

Matt Weinkam, “After the Internet”; “Feed”

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, “The Binding Sequence”


Brandon Rushton, “City of Stilt Makers”

Paige Blair, “Text Me a Photo of Your Hands”

Canese Jarboe, “A Dream in Which I am Leda and You, a Flamingo”

Emily Nason, “A Poem for Dead Confederate Soldier Outside Convenience Store”

Lesya Bazylewicz, “Fall Carousel”

Matt Morton, “The Problem”

Nandini Dhar, “Broken, Mended”

Gabrielle Bates, “Nightmare”

Brianna Noll, “Primer: The Perception Spell”

Allison Adair, “Waking to Two Lines”

Laura Watson, “The Stranding”

Jennifer Whalen, “Hands Full”

2016 New South Writing Contest

Judged by Anya Silver and Matthew Salesses

First Place

Poetry – Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, “Against Naming”

Prose –  Eric Schlich, “Lipless”

Second Place

Poetry – Summar West, “The Gospel Choir Sings All Night, All Day the Angels Keep Watching”

Prose – Amy Silverberg, “One Rough, One Tender”

Third Place

Poetry – Jessica Plante, “Lessons in the Provenance of Living”

Prose – Cynthia Gunadi, “Birds of St. Augustine”

Cover Art and Feature 

Britt McDermott


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