Featured Poetry: Denotative Meanings by Andrea Spofford

Denotative Meanings

To say the landscape looks like a quilt from the air, the farmland
all sewn together by threading of roads between fields, the stitch
of cornrows as stitches through overlay, not cotton but dirt, is
to say I want to be buried beneath it, to lounge and tumble as a
Sunday morning.

These days are the jars we place on high shelves in pantries like
full ripe peaches slick in orange syrup so wet that when the jar
breaks the house smells of peaches for days after. Consider this
act of saving, the crashing of glass into hardwood floors, the impossibility
of indentation—how to fix this scar in the wood. Scent
is the mental construct of this thing—scent is sawdust in piles on
the floor.


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AndreaAndrea Spofford writes poems and essays, some of which can be found or are forthcoming in Sundog Lit, Rust + Moth, Sugar House Review, Vela Magazine, Revolver, Kudzu Review, Puerto del Sol, Redactions, Red Paint Hill Quarterly, and more. She has chapbooks available from dancing girl press and Red Bird Chapbooks; her full-length book, The Pine Effect, is available from Red Paint Hill Publishing. Poetry editor for Zone 3 Press, you can find Andrea online at http://andreaspofford.com, http://www.apsu.edu/zone3/press, and on Twitter @andspoff.

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