Featured Poetry: We Are Always Both in the Field by Alicia Wright


We Are Always Both in the Field

Mentioning the furthest back field
a horseless space, and houseless, a
field above the aisles of daffodils in
which I once thought I’d marry—to
mention the field framed by blackberry
bushes is a curb in the mouth, a fence
pinning the swath of the field like a sheet
stretched over a face swept under
the field like a wash of a heavy
ocean, mention a wave, ask of the back
field, she will tell you of the quartz
and arrowheads—the hafted points of
clear stone found the field rising
full of all the arrowheads ever picked
up from it are told and found again
in mentioning the field, the aching
acreage accruing age, I’m chasing
away the back of the back fields waving
when I say back field I want to promise
you that I did once want to marry there
and every time I say it I hear her say
it and it’s hers



Editor’s note: “We Are Always Both in the Field,” was selected by Roger Reeves as the winner of New South’s 2015 Writing Contest. Check out our interview with Alicia

Originally from Rome, Georgia, Alicia Wright has received fellowships from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she is pursuing her MFA. Her work has been published in New Delta Review and Prelude.


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  1. Susan Gilbreath says:

    Very nice, Alicia. Evokes imagery and thought.

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