Issue: 9.1


Kimberly King Parsons, “Fiddlebacks”

George Choundas, “With the Head Held Well High”

LaTanya McQueen, “We Are All Already Gone”

Brett Beach, “Where We’ve Been This Whole Time”

Matthew Fogarty, “Old Plymouth”


Danielle Harms, “How To Say Mezöcsokonya”

Jose Araguz, “The Divorce Suite”

Matthew Gavin Frank, “On Weight”

B.J. Hollars, “Job 36”


Keagan LeJeune, “Basic Recipes”

Lucianna Chixaro Ramos, “Humaitá”; “Notes to Self”

Caylin Capra-Thomas, “Questing”

Lynnell Edwards, “The Souls of Cattle in Winter”

Andrea Spofford, “Denotative Meanings”

Jeffrey Alfier, “Yucca Valley Song”

Anna Rose Welch, “Envy of Deeper Water”

Brionne Janae, “Love Spell”

Didi Jackson, “Epistle to My Late Husband after an Evening with My Fiancé”

Jada Ach, “Growth by Molting”

Cody Ernst, “On Secret Love”

Jade Hurter, “Hunting & Foraging”

Jennifer Brown, “Strange Towns”

Jenny Xie, “Woodwork”

Maja Lukic, “Dorothy Parker”

Michael Hurley, “The Meadows”

Rick Joines, “No Feast without a Slaughter”

Rochelle Hurt, “I Could Eat You Up”

Tanya Grae, “Phalaenopsis”


Molly Rose Freeman

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