Featured Poetry: “Aubade” by Brandi George


You blacked out

the night, forgot how we

jumped off cliffs into Lake Superior,

the October water filling

 our mouths until we felt

the gods get drunk

inside us. I long for you, the sun

you turn toward me

and away from me at will.

You’re something I

  evaporate into, the way

the water of our cells turns

to rain when left

outside. You forgot

 the origami snakes we lit, talking

  of Prometheus, his fire,

   the eagle that eats

his liver each morning. I spoke

 into the 4 a.m. darkness

     these things never happened,

 twisted your skin

   until it bruised, your moan

     an elegy to the last

 fluttering thing in my chest.

   Teach me to forget, to button

 sun over my breasts, explode

    my past in a nova

of amniotic light. I swear,

   the storm took

     your body, and through

   light flickering on our wet

     shoulders, I learned

 your consciousness hides

     in the undertow, can be tempted

     back with a single note

   from a longneck bottle.

     The wind had sounded that same

  low G through white pines

for thousands of years.

“Aubade” appears in Issue 8.2 of New South
purchase the print edition

Photo: Kira Derryberry
Photo Credit: Kira Derryberry

Brandi George grew up in rural Michigan. Her first collection of poetry, Gog, is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in the fall of 2015. Poems from this manuscript have appeared in such journals as Gulf Coast, Prairie Schooner, Ninth Letter, Columbia Poetry Review and The Iowa Review. She currently resides in Tallahassee, where she is a Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University.


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