Issue: 8.1

“It enters me, this knowing that time will pass, and we won’t know where to.” – Erika Solberg, “Tap Roots”


Jennifer Lee, “Pretty Country”

Erika Solberg, “Tap Roots”

Adam Schuitema, “Witch Whistle”

Carol Guess, “Varda”

Carol Guess and Kelly Magee, “With Sparrows”

Mary Miller, “Instructions”


Tiffany Debicki, “Babcia”


Renee Emerson, “Obedience Is the Very Best Way”

Anne Cecilia Holmes, “Minor History”; “The Creeps”; “Anthem”

Maia Evrona, “Vilna”; “In Yemin Moshe”

Andrew Taylor Reynolds, “Birdwatching”

Casey Thayer, “Buckaroo”

Jim Warner, “actual miles.”

Sasha West, “Our Last Meal”

W. Todd Kaneko, “David Von Erich Explains the Rules”; “Gino Hernandez Makes Some Comparisons”

Dalton Day, “Every Morning I Throw Myself Through a Window”

Tyler Gobble, “Here Lie Gobble the Dead, or Something to That Effect”


Sam Parker, Drawings

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