2014 New South Writing Contest

The submission period for the 2014 New South Writing Contest has closed.

The judges for the 2014 New South Writing Contest are Brian Oliu (poetry) and Christopher Merkner (prose). Together, they’ve selected some incredible pieces for us!

Third Place

Poetry: Laura Carter, from Close Space/Close Reverie/Close Air “8”

Prose: Dana Schwartz, “The Moment of Departure”

Second Place

Poetry: Rosa Lane, “Deer and Women”

Prose: Jeffrey Wasserboehr, “A Thousand and One All Fleeing America”

First Place

Poetry: Xan Roberti, “Thousands”

Prose: Che Yeun, “The Queen”

Our first place winners have been awarded $1,000 prizes; second place winners, $250; and third place winners, a three-year subscription to New South. And of course, all of these pieces have been published in the current issue, New South 7.2.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to our judges and to everyone who submitted this year. We loved reading all your work.